A set of filler texts as found on 1970’s – 1980’s Television

OK, this is for me, as I’m always having to locate this stuff on Google. The traditional Lorem Ipsum texts are fine for most purposes, but sometimes you need to add filler text and also be able to locate it afterwards on-screen or in a database entry. Which would be easier to spot in a database full of test entries;”Lorem Ipsum”, or “Top Cat!”… I leave it to you to decide!

The Original

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Top Cat

Top Cat! The most effectual Top Cat! Who’s intellectual close friends get to call him T.C., providing it’s with dignity. Top Cat! The indisputable leader of the gang. He’s the boss, he’s a pip, he’s the championship. He’s the most tip top, Top Cat.

Dastardly & Mutley / Wacky Races

Mutley, you snickering, floppy eared hound. When courage is needed, you’re never around. Those medals you wear on your moth-eaten chest should be there for bungling at which you are best. So, stop that pigeon, stop that pigeon, stop that pigeon, stop that pigeon, stop that pigeon, stop that pigeon, stop that pigeon. Howwww! Nab him, jab him, tab him, grab him, stop that pigeon now.

The Addams Family

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, Mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky, The Addams Family. Their house is a museum, Where people come to see ’em, They really are a screa-um, The Addams Family. So get a witches shawl on, A broomstick you can crawl on, We’re gonna pay a call on, The Addams Family.


Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got. Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot. Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came. You wanna be where you can see, our troubles are all the same You wanna be where everybody knows Your name. You wanna go where people know, people are all the same, You wanna go where everybody knows your name.

Dukes of Hazzard

Just the good ol’ boys, never meanin’ no harm. Beats all you’ve ever saw, been in trouble with the law since the day they was born. Straight’nin’ the curve, flat’nin’ the hills. Someday the mountain might get ’em, but the law never will. Makin’ their way, the only way they know how, that’s just a little bit more than the law will allow. Just good ol’ boys, wouldn’t change if they could, fightin’ the system like a true modern day Robin Hood.

Hong Kong Phooey

Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy. Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye. He’s got style, a groovy style, and a car that just won’t stop. When the going gets tough, he’s really rough, with a Hong Kong Phooey chop (Hi-Ya!). Hong Kong Phooey, number one super guy. Hong Kong Phooey, quicker than the human eye. Hong Kong Phooey, he’s fan-riffic!

Knight Rider

Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

The A-Team

Ten years ago a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem and no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-team.

Golden Girls

Thank you for being a friend, Travel down the road and back again, Your heart is true, You’re a pal and a confidant! And if you threw a party, Invited everyone you knew! You would see, The biggest gift would be from me, And the card attached would say, Thank you for being a friend!

Happy Days

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days, Thursday, Friday, Happy Days, Saturday, what a day, Rockin’ all week with you. This day is ours Won’t you be mine. (Oh Happy Days) This day is ours (Oh Happy Days) Oh please be mine. Hello sunshine, goodbye rain, She’s wearing my school ring on her chain. She’s my steady, I’m her man, I’m gonna love her all I can. (Chorus) Gonna cruise her round the town, Show everybody what I’ve found Rock’n’roll with all my friends Hopin’ the music never ends. These Happy Days are yours and mine (oh Happy Days) These Happy Days are yours and mine (oh Happy Days) These Happy Days are yours and mine, Happy Days.

Married, with Children

Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage, Go together like a horse and carriage, This I tell you brother, you can’t have one without the other. Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage, It’s an institute you can’t disparage, Ask the local gentry, and they will say is element’ry. Try, try, try to separate them, It’s an illusion. Try, try, try and you will only come to this conclusion.

The Monkeys

Here we come… Walking down the street… We get the funniest looks from.. Everyone we meet. Hey, hey we’re the Monkees, And people say we monkey around. But we’re too busy singing, To put anybody down. We’re just trying to be friendly, Come watch us sing and play. We’re the young generation, And we got something to say. Hey, hey we’re the Monkees, You never know where we’ll be found. So you’d better get ready, We may be comin’ to your town.

The Twilight Zone

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the Twilight Zone.

Beverly Hillbillies

Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed. A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed, Then one day he was shootin’ at some food, And up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude. Oil that is, black gold, Texas tea. Well the first thing you know ole Jed’s a millionaire, Kinfolk said Jed move away from there Said Californy is the place you ought to be So they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly. Hills, that is. Swimmin’ pools, movie stars. – The Beverly Hillbillies!


Eye halve a spelling chequer, It came with my pee sea, It plainly marques four my revue, Miss steaks eye ken knot sea. Eye strike a quay and type a word, And weight four it two say, Weather eye am wrong oar write, It shoos me strait a weigh. As soon as a mist ache is maid, It nose bee fore two long, And eye can put the error rite, Its rare lea ever wrong. Eye have run this poem threw it, I am shore your pleased two no, Its letter perfect awl the weigh, My chequer tolled me sew. -Sores unknown