Corporate Branding

Your Identity

Your company has an identity. That identity comes from you, your products and services, and the market. It’s important that you control your company’s identity through the strategic use of branding. KP Direction will go much further than simply producing a logo (unless that is all you need, of course!). We will work with you to define the essence of your company and distill it into a unified corporate brand reflecting and defining exactly who you are.

What Makes a Brand?

A brand consists of symbols, colors and type that work together to portray, on paper or any other media, what you are about – your unique identity. KP Direction will sit down with you and discover what you want the world to see when they look for your company on the internet, on paper or any other media.

Your Own Brand

We make sure that all the different pieces of branding that are your business are consistent with each other. We define every aspect of your visual identity. Your logo on your website will match the logo on your business card. The header on your letterhead will be a part of your brochure. The colors are the same and the font used on all material is consistent with each other. This will give your business a very professional, polished look and will make it immediately identifiable to your customers and employees.


On completion of a branding project, KP Direction will supply a brand book and CD, containing definitions and examples of your identity across various media, for ease in your everyday communications.