IT Management

You have a new office that you’re planning to move into. Or maybe starting up a new business or sister company. Maybe your computer systems are running slower than usual; they seem bogged down.

How will you set it all up? Where will you place the network printer? How about computers? Do you need more than one and do they need to talk to each other? Do you have all the correct software? How about the hardware? There are so many details – where in the world do you begin?

The use of Information Technology within a company works best when it is a strategic part of a corporate business plan. KP Direction can help with these plans, and on a day to day basis as required.

Together we identify your business strategy and make sure that your IT infrastructure will meet that strategy. We provide the blueprints, recommend the necessary components and the most efficient setup. We work with you to provide the best equipment solution at a cost-effective price.

Setting up a system and keeping it running smoothly is like opening presents. You get all the joy and are left with the cardboard boxes.