It begins with a pen.

You may feel that we’re a little old-fashioned, because we start all our design processses with a pen and paper.

That’s because we are. We believe in some old-fashioned ideas as well. Such as Customer Service and User-focused solutions.


So you get a modern website that converts viewers into customers. Because that’s what we do.

Web Design

Websites built around targets YOU set, with results that YOU can measure


Coding. Using Agile. Or Waterfall. Definitely OOP. They’re our terms, but we’ll speak your language; talk to us.

IT Management

It’s your job to run your business. It’s our job to make your business run more effectively on the web. Social media, websites, digital advertising – tell us what you need.

Who We Are


Founded in 2007, KP Direction provides marketing, print, web design and software development services to small companies in the northern Utah area. We’re a one-stop-shop with all the experience in-house to deliver websites and applications that are built for business. We deliver solutions that are cost-effective, within budget, and deliver real ROI for our customers.

The grounding tenet of all our work and recommendations is “Best Advice”. Working with you, we look at your project in terms of how much difference it will make to your company. That difference may be more customers, greater profit, or more visitors. But if the figures don’t add up, we’ll make sure that you’re aware of that, and we’ll discuss alternatives.


“The work done by KP Direction in developing the JCB event registration microsite was superb. Their attention to detail is excellent, we found they responded very quickly and were full of ideas on how to improve the site.”

David Patrick

Managing Director, Yes Agency Ltd.

A free personalized website evaluation

Old, creaking and dusty? Redundant and well past the sell-by date?

Websites, like animals, come to reflect their owner. If the above is starting to reflect your website, contact us for an evaluation before it starts to reflect you and your business. We can help!