Software Development

KP Direction offers you and your corporation 20 years of programming experience. Applications developed over the years include event registration, client management, complex catalog systems, and order tracking and fulfillment. To find out more, please to do not hesitate to contact us and we can identify and provide the correct solution for your needs.

Our most current projects have been developed through Yes Agency for JCB (UK equivalent for CAT) and for Yes Agency.

  • JCB Wastemaster Event Registration

    JCB Wastemaster Event RegistrationThe JCB Wastemaster microsite was developed by Yes Agency in the UK for JCB. KP Direction was contacted to develop an event management system to sit behind the site and process registrations.

    The site was an integral part of a marketing package including direct mail, targeted email shots, telephone SMS and direct telephone contact by dealers. Attendance was by invitation only to selected existing customers and dealers of JCB, plus their guests.

    The system allowed users access by use of a unique code which only they would know; they were then presented with a copy of their details on file, which they could change as necessary. After providing their guest details (if any), and selecting which day to attend, they received a detailed confirmation email.

    JCB Wastemaster Event Registration FormJCB Management was given access to a comprehensive backend reporting and editing system, allowing them to change any aspects of a users details, and giving them summary reports of attendance to the event.

    The benefit to the end-user was a smooth and sophisticated registration system. The benefit to JCB was that users were cleaning their own data, and new positive leads were being added to their contact management system at no cost to them.

    Technologies used included PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.

  • JCB CITS Theft Forum Event Registration

    CITS Theft Forum Event RegistrationThe CITS Theft Forum is another implementation of the Events Registration system developed for JCB. The graphic design of this microsite was produced by Yes Agency, with KP Direction providing the back-end programming.

    CITS Theft Forum Event Registration PageDeveloped in PHP/MySQL, this implementation of the Events Registration system accepts all details from the customer and his guests, and places the information into a MySQL database. This information can be queried and edited by CITS or JCB management. Users receive automatic emails informing them of their application, whilst the administrators receive email copies of all database access to ensure a full audit trail of transactions.

  • CashPOINT

    Cash PointYes Response in Uttoxeter, England, handles response and fulfillment for companies from blue chip companies such as JCB, Syngenta, Jacuzzi and CORGI, down to smaller briefs where the client or particular project isn’t large enough to warrant its own e-commerce facility.

    CashPOINT is an online terminal system integrating into a payment gateway, allowing Yes Response to handle these smaller clients without setting up multiple (and expensive) internet merchant accounts for each client. CashPOINT transactions are entered by the operators at Yes Response and automatically assigned charging accounts depending upon the client the transaction is for. Management reports give the accounts department the information they need to know for the client invoicing, whilst picking lists and receipts are automatically produced for the warehouse and end user.

    Written in PHP and MySQL, this system doesn’t require a login if the users terminal is inside the Yes Response network, but if an external computer is used, a username and password are requested. All client access is logged for security purposes, and all transactions have an audit trail from the CashPOINT system back into the payment gateway. Unauthorized transactions are flagged and rejected in real-time.