About KP Direction

KP Direction has a team that encompases the globe. The brainchild of Peter and Kat Connolly, KP Direction has grown into a multidimensional company. We are based out of Syracuse – no, not New York; but the not so known Syracuse in Utah. A beautiful, wide open space kind of area.

Peter grew his first company, Acute Computing Ltd, into a very successful business by offering quality, personalized customer service to his clients in the UK and Europe. With talents that include a brilliant mind (yes, the wife is writing this one), a good sense of humor (humour if you are in England), and over 20 years of experience in Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Programming, Database Development, Web Design, Networking, and IT Support, his clients have come to rely on him in many areas for growing their business.

Several companies have grown due to his influence and his logical mind. His company now operates worldwide and is now a part of KP Direction.

Kat comes with a background in customer service, business management and the ability to discover. (This one is a little more difficult to write, since I, Kat, am doing the writing). Having worked in the capacity of ombudsman in the retail, banking and mortgage arenas, clients feel very comfortable in dealing with KP Direction. Not only will we take the time to discover your company’s strengths and goals, our collaborative brainstorming makes it easy to look far ahead into the future and make sure that you will be set up for growth in your company.

Kat’s company, Kat Integrated Solutions, which is strictly Web Development, is now a part of KP Direction.

KP Direction has the ability and the resources to find other solutions to your business needs. With talents from a team that spans the globe, we can sit down with you, discover opportunities and provide the best solutions that will ensure that your business will grow to its full potential.