Software Support

Sometimes a business need involves writing a program that will accomplish a task quickly and efficiently. Applications, database management, and other software support are solutions that will help your maintain your business rules and help it grow.

Software support comes with many faces. You may need a new application to keep track of clients that have ordered and that haven’t ordered in the last while. Or, you may need a new shopping cart system. It could be that an event is coming up and you’d like to provide an event registration system. These are all applications that can be written to make your business run smoothly.

It may be that your anti-virus stops working, or ‘Word’ crashes, your e-mails start bouncing. KP Direction will work with you to fix these problems. If need be, we will recommend the best alternatives that are cost efficient and that will perform well.

We provide telephone support and onsite support. We want to make sure, to the best of our ability, that your day-to-day business operations are running at top efficiency at all times.

We want you to be completely satisfied.