Pete Connolly was born in the United Kingdom, in Liverpool, and has never met any of the Beatles. He has a lifetime of experience (well, 25 years, at least) working with computers and IT technology.

The first computers he used at college in the 1980’s didn’t even have monitors – programming was by hand-written coding sheets. These were typed into the mainframe by a gaggle of punchgirls who took delight in misreading even the most obvious characters, just so putative developers could waste another 24 hours waiting for test output… Clear handwriting was essential!

After several years of picking up dropped punched cards, Pete moved into software development, starting at Rolls-Royce (no company car, but 10% off any jet engine you’d like to purchase), and eventually picked up experience in Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Programming, Database Development, Web Design, Networking, and IT Support.

Along the way PeterĀ  also ended up as a professional photographer and ghost-writer for glossy magazine columns – including regular fashion columns in the women’s magazine InStyle, writing on behalf of an Image Consultant. Currently Technical Director of KP Direction LLC, and a permanent resident of the USA. As soon as he can find a 10-gallon hat, a truck and some rifles, he’s looking forward to becoming a full US citizen.


IT Strategy
PHP Web Development
Financial Systems development
Search Engine Optimization
Marketing / Public relations
Version Control (SVN)
Small Business startups/development
Project Planning
Supplier Management
Security / Disaster Planning
SQL Database Design
Internet / Intranet / VPN
Leadership / Training / Mentoring



Skype: kpdirection

Phone: 801 928 6953