Today I got an email, phone call and more emails from a client – the Production Manager at Yes Agency. He had a major problem, as you can tell by his multiple methods of contact.

Basically, his Macintosh wasn’t working. I know – all the Mac aficionados out there are saying that this never happens, and Macintosh’s are the most reliable machines since toasters (which are machines used for preparing the popular and proverbial sliced bread).

Anyway, the Production Manager – let’s call him Pete – had lost most of the working day due to an issue with his font management software. He’d contacted their usual Mac support people, at a local specialist, and seemed to be getting nowhere – the agent wasn’t available by phone,his solutions were not working, and neither was Pete. The last option offered by the local expert was to completely reformat the machine. So Pete called us.

Now KP Direction is not a Mac specialist; we’ve worked with them for over 15 years, but in terms of technical issues, we’re still more comfortable with PC and Linux machines. We’re happy with them because they *are* pretty reliable, and they *are* pretty. But you’ll never see us advertising our expertise.

Anyway, between eating breakfast, getting on the bus and doing my morning procrastination at work, I did a few searches and offered a few suggestions. And within the hour I received this email from Pete;

On Wed, May 18, 2011 at 10:14 AM, Peter xxxxx  wrote:

YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!


The Mac expert from {local Macintosh specialist} has managed to throw away every preference and application support for every application installed, failed to fix it, and then said I was to have a long evening ahead zeroing the drive and re-installing everything – WHAT DOES HE KNOW? PAH!

Huge, huge


thanks and the very best regards


Such a nice testimonial, I had to share it… as I said in the title, some days it’s nice to be good, and good to be nice. If I can just beat Ruby on Rails into submission for a change, the day will be perfect!