The Layton Drug Rally is an annual event organized by Roger Leftwich of  Trinity Group Insurance and 4thesolution. The main objective of the event is to reach families who are struggling with addiction and give them hope. Roger Leftwich is passionate about the anti- drug, alcohol and suicide prevention mission and hopes that the event will have a constructive impact for all that attend.

“The need for hope in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse is growing every day,” said Leftwich. “Nobody is immune. Addiction shatters lives and affects people from all walks of life and all income levels.”

KP Direction has been closely associated with the rally since the initial planning stages of the first rally in 2008. As well as providing volunteers on the day of the rally, we also handle design and maintenance of the charity’s website at We also created the branding for the rally, using an in-house brand book to ensure that all print media – from billboards down to posters and bookmarks – will have the same family look and feel.

Each year KP Direction designs flyers in Spanish and English, with over 70,000 copies being distributed in local schools and city utility bills. 10,000 bookmarks were printed (at a lower cost than any of the local printers could manage), and several large polyvinyl posters were created for the event.

This is certainly a client where we give more than we earn; but for personal reasons we’ve decided to align ourselves with their aims, and we enjoy (mostly) putting the time in every year to help them.